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    Trust us for your landscaping needs.  We offer many landscaping services such as lawn trading, corrective grading, lawn seed instillation and sod installation.

    Lawn Grading

    Having your lawn with the correct grade is essential to direct rainwater away from the edges of your house and property, saving your home from mold, fungi, and other types of water damage.  If your lawn constantly feels damp, with visible pools of water and soil that’s spongy when you walk on it, it’s a sign that your lawn needs some grading work.  

    Seeding Grass

    Seeding grass can be very beneficial when performed on new or existing lawns. Many different types of grass lose density over time and require periodic seeding to maintain a nice thick lawn. Seeding grass also adds new varieties of seeds that will benefit an existing lawn. Doing this will improve the resistance to disease, insects, droughts and other types of stresses. When your lawn is dormant in the winter months you want to be able to maintain a nice green cover, seeding the grass with cool season turf can be used for this. 

    Sod Installation

    Sod installation provides an immediate visual impact for your lawn and a mature landscape.  A benefit of installing sod is that it can be done all year round.  Not only will it require almost no weed control at the start but it also requires a reduced watering need for your lawn initially.  If you are in the process of building a new home or have a bare lawn sod can handle heavy rains without erosion or damage to your lawn.